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Health and Wellness Vacations in Mexico

Are you dreaming of Mexican getaway? Perhaps you find the food, culture, and natural beauty alluring, but you want to avoid the party scene and maintain or begin a healthy lifestyle. Click here for more information There are plenty of retreats, all-inclusive resorts, and sanctuaries where the majority of the day does not revolve around tequila shots. Whether you are just embarking on a healthy lifestyle, simply need to reboot, or are a lifelong health and fitness fanatic . . . wellness, vacation, and Mexico go hand-in-hand at the following locations.

Argovia Finca Resort is located in the southern part of Chiapas, Mexico near the Guatemalan border and has been in the same family for five generations. This is a place where natural beauty and culture blend perfectly. Set on an organic flower and coffee plantation, Argovia is self-sustaining and eco-frinedly. Their philosophy is focused on caring and respecting the surroundings, which provides visitors with an unforgettable experience while learning about the environment and its importance in our daily lives. Unplugging is not an option here since there are no televisions or wi-fi in any of the rooms and phone service is very limited. The Argovia spa was built to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to help you relax. In addition, they use many of the ancient Mayan techniques in their massage and body treatments. It is truly a place where guests can disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with your mind, body, and soul.

Condesa 1 bedroom at Sagrada

Sagrada Boutique Hotel is located about three hours north of Mexico City and six miles from San Miguel. It is an incredible hotel that offers an all-inclusive wellness & eco-friendly retreat for individuals and groups. “Sagrada,” which means sacred, is a true reflection of the beauty, historic landmarks, healing energy and eco-design that incorporates the 18-acre sanctuary. The property is fully staffed with gardeners, cooks, and maid service. The boutique hotel can accommodate 14 guests. Healthy and sumptuous meals are served in the dining lodge and with advance notice dietary restrictions are easily met. Sagrada has a pavilion with a large chiminea fireplace and breathtaking views of the pristine valley overlooking three different mountain ranges. In addition, it is great place for weddings, dinners, meeting, lectures, meditation and fiestas! The hotel is equipped with a spa and fitness center where guests can enjoy yoga and Pilates. The spa’s amenities include a wood burning sauna and a massage room, both housed in historic stone buildings. Sagrada also offers Spanish language classes so you can learn and relax at the same time.

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El Dorado Spa Resorts are located along the beautiful Riviera Maya near Playa del Carmen. El Dorado Resorts have an exciting wellness program called
My Destination Wellness.It was featured in
O Magazine’s March 2012 issue and designed by David Pritchard, a leader in the health and fitness industry for the last 20 years. Their program is built around Pritchard’s beliefs, who states, “It is my core belief that when people are truly enjoying their surroundings they realize they want those surroundings to last.” ”And by designing this wellness plan while you are on vacation, it allows you to put the focus on yourself and your goals. My wellness program is designed to both educate and motivate you throughout your stay; and, to give you the resources and tools you will need to be successful once you go home. That’s what
My Destination Wellness is all about, and it’s my commitment to you.” says David.

Riviera Maya

Vacationing in Mexico doesn’t mean you have to forgo health and wellness. There are many alternatives for individuals seeking to begin, reboot, or maintain a healthy lifestyle. From organic coffee plantations to seaside retreats to tropical jungles, Mexico has just what your mind, body, and soul needs.

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