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How To Sell Your Car

For some, it could be a tough nut to sell there second hand car at the right price. Below are some of the fine tips to help you in deriving the correct value of your car: MFD Is your #1 service provider!

1) Online Advertising The first step to attract buyer is to post an advertisement for same. If, you can make a proper advertisement through Online medium which has got user interest, it will boost up your chances for sale by more than 100% You need to mention the key features, highlights, at least 2 photographs and condition of cars, along with expected price. Don’t get biased out, but be ready for negotiation as a second hand car buyer would like to as happens most of the times in this trade. Another good way to sell your car by having a word with a couple of brokers or used car dealer. They will underestimate the price by 10%-15%, but can help you in speeding up sale of your car.
2) Price: Be open for the negotiation. Seller may always want a higher price, but do know that a buyer wants a value deal. Hence, fix a price as per market price. Research on some of the leading online sites. Know the price for a similar car like yours which has been posted by other sellers. Have an idea, you know your car conditions and fix a price accordingly for your second hand car.

3) Make your Car Look Neat and Clean and ensure its presentable : Now comes the actual sale part. Anyone looking to buy will never go for a dirty car, after all hes paying a price for it. Ensure that your car is washed, and any minor scratches are been painted. Even, putting up car perfume will make the buyer feel good when he will enter the car. Remember, if you want the best price, invest a little in your car so that all parts or system should work at the time of sale. Also, have the service history handy along with insurance claims. It can make the ball rolling by giving you the buyer interest and delivering you the best price.
4) Last point is keeping the documents ready along with car registration papers, bank NOC, insurance papers ready so that if a serious buyer is there, the deal can be clicked on immediately. Always, be aware that no deal cant click through whatever attractive the price is. If the actual documents for the deal is missing, no sale can happen.