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Why Some Parents Have Trouble Finding Onesies

Baby Clothing StoresThose new parents who have gone online shopping for newborn baby clothes may run across a few snags. First of all, they don’t always know what they are looking for. They may know what they want for their baby, but they might not know what it is called or where to start looking.

One of those items that may elude their searches is the onesie. The problem with locating onesies that most people don’t realize is that there is only one brand of onesie available. Gerber has the name “onesie” trademarked, meaning no one else can use it. If anyone is selling a onesie-like garment, it won’t be called a onesie. It may look and feel and function like a onesie, but it will have a different name, such as “bodysuit” or “jumpsuit”. “Bodysuit” is the more common term, and parents are going to have an easier time of finding what they are looking for if they use that term instead of “onesie”, particularly on a site that actually sells newborn baby clothes, like newborn baby clothes.

They may run across only search results for Gerber onesies if they perform a “onesie” search on some sites. Other sites may include jumpsuits as well, but parents ought to be informed about the different terms and why they exist. The onesie is a very popular newborn baby clothes item, and every parent should have at least a week’s supply of them, but sometimes finding them can be a pain. Talking to clerks or other sales people can clear up the confusion, and these people will know what the customer is looking for if they ask for a onesie. Still, knowing what to look for can help save some time and prevent frustration, ensuring better results and a wider range of choices being made available to the consumer.

The onesie isn’t likely to stop trending anytime soon, as parents love how convenient it is and how simple it makes picking out an outfit, but finding it may always be a pain thanks to the trademark that Gerber owns.

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